DME Tuning Florida is globally renowned as one of the world’s most prestigious engine software brands. Since the start of DME back in 2015, they have been pioneering and innovating in the world of engine software, delivering results and building a reputation that is talked about throughout the automotive tuning world.

Meet Our Team


I started a journey in restoring classic American cars, which quickly turned into resto-mod adventures before turning to my first exotic car which I still own; a Ferrari 458. I quickly made some adjustments to the 458; Novitec springs, exhaust valve, and custom wheels. At that point, I was hooked and have since been through a variety of euro and exotic cars like the Rolls Royce Dawn, a Mercedes G63 AMG, and Lamborghini Urus. I am excited to bring these cars and DME to South Florida.

Founder & Co-Owner

I fell in love with cars at the young age of 10 yrs old, watching my father race in the autocross series and my passion has grown ever since. I have spent the last 10 years working in and around exotic & European automotive performance shops both in New Jersey & Florida. I am now blessed to bring DME to South Florida.